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Shawano Cares about Critters (SCAC) is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization and we can use your help!


We have volunteer opportunities in:

Feral Cat Transportation
Trap Delivery
Animal Fostering
Community Awareness
Special Events

All of our volunteers must be 18 years or older.

Click here to volunteer with SCAC.

Volunteer Spotlight

Chad Waukechon

SCAC has lost a dedicated volunteer and unsung hero for animals.

Many of you may know Heidi Waukechon and her accomplishments for animals. You probably don't know her husband Chad, but without him she wouldn't have accomplished even half of what she has.

Chad was a huge help in so many ways.....

He cleaned traps, loaded and unloaded TNR cats and garage sale merchandise, chased down dumped roosters through the woods, rescued stray dogs, proof read grants, gave meds and helped with wound care, bottle fed kittens in the middle of the night, and made sure Joe and Gracie had supper and homework help when Heidi was out trapping.

Chad did everything without complaint, because he was a wonderful partner and friend to Heidi and animals. He understood the importance of TNR.

Just an hour before he died he helped an injured turtle.

Chad will be missed by everyone who knew him, whether 2 legs or 4, but will never forgotten. Rest in Peace Husband , Son, Father, Friend and Champion of the Under Dog.

Help Us Prevent Unwanted Litters​

Shawano Cares about Critters (SCAC) is a 501(c)3 Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) charity.

Our mission is to help homeowners, farmers, and business owners to reduce the numbers of unwanted litters of cats in the wild areas of their lands.

We assist them to trap the cats in their barns, fields, and other places. SCAC transports the animals to a spay-Neuter clinic where each animal is 'fixed' by a veterinarian. We then return the cats to their home, where they live out happy, healthy lives without many new litters of kittens.

Learn more about SCAC and TNR on our About Us page.

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